End of Season Review

As usual, the end of the GLSML Majors season was a wild one, with teams in all 3 divisions scrambling to avoid relegation (and in some cases – promotion!)

Majors 3: The Chargers started their season with a W, but it wasn’t enough to keep them afloat and both they and the Cheetahs will be relegated to Minors Division 1 for the 2019 season. Raiders Blue battled back from a slow start to the season, and narrowly avoid relegation, while Comets Orange, in spite of starting the season with a forfeit still managed to finish in the top half of the division. The top of the division came down to a 3 horse race. Mouse Rat secured their promotion with a couple weeks to go, and then it came down to John Archer Way teams the Pimlico Pirates and the Base Invaders. The teams had a head to match at the end of the season to decide it all, and in spite of The Pirates Promotion party invites being sent out, the Base Invaders came out on top.

As usual, the Majors 2 table was in question until the very end. Meteors Purple, who played in Majors 1 in 2017, had a couple close games go against them and will be playing in Majors 3 next year. The OddSox, who have been the longest standing team in Div 2 (since 2012), put together a late season charge but will also be playing in Majors 3 in 2019. The Fuzzy Ducks ran away with the top of the division, finishing with a 12-2 record. Meteors Black won 3 out of their final 4 games to finish on a 8-6 record, which was good enough for promotion to Div 1, ahead of 3 teams (BBG, The PIs and The Mob) with 7-7 records.

New arrivals to Majors 1, Raiders Gold and Mezcalitos Ninos both put up strong fights. The Raiders finished with 9 points, just one below Majors 1 mainstays Muppets. The Ninos were on the wrong side of several 1 run games, and finished the season on 7 points. Both will be joining the ranks of Majors 2 in 2019. SPAM, Coyotes and LNZ secured their spots in the top division for 2019 with solid mid-table finishes. The top of the division was a race between perennial contenders Mi6 (2016 and 2017 Majors 1 champions) and the Mescalitos. Both teams finished on 36 points, so the winner was decided by head to head matchups. The Mescies took the first in the series 14-10, and though Mi6 put up a thrilling fight, the Mescies walked away from their second game with a 26-25 victory – giving them the coveted Majors 1 trophy.

As this great season of softball in GLSML enters the final week the only games left to be played at the Minor Level are in Minors 2 where the only issue left to be decided is which team will earn the honour of strongest team in the division by virtue of being able to say that they are holding all eight other teams above them. Everything else has been sorted and the winners and loser are as follows.

In Minors 1 Oblivion was indeed what all other teams in the division were beaten in to as they lift the title and earn their place in the Majors next season by finishing four points clear of Tecumsehs in second place. The Voodoos finished bottom of the table just below London Raiders Red who narrowly finished below Meteors Red on head to head record.

In Minors 2 Base Jumpers have secured the title in spite of having two games to play. Game of Throws have also sealed second spot with a game to play above Bat to the Future due to a better head to head record. At the bottom Tigers and Golden Sombreros each have a game to play in their battle to finish bottom of the table. The standard of play in this division has been excellent this season resulting in some outstanding games.

In Minors 3 Mafia have avenged their third place finish last season by romping to the Minors 3 title for the loss of only one game. Second place goes to the Mescalitos Banditos who narrowly beat out High Voltage and Knight Sliders with all three teams covered by 2 points. At the bottom it is the Jets who sadly endured a winless season for the first time in their history.

The new Minors 4 division sees a convincing title winning performance from BYOB who finished seven points clear of fellow new team Brew Jays. This was perhaps the most evenly contested division where all teams won at least three games. In any table there has to be a last place team and in this case it is London Raiders Orange who fell just short of overhauling Beavers.