Greater London Softball Mixed League


This page contains a list of useful resources which you can download.

It is strongly recommended that all players, coaches and managers take a look at these documents.

  • ISF Rulebook 2014-2017
    In general, the GLSML follows the ISF Rules.
    There are a number of exceptions to this, outlined in the Regulations Governing Play document.
    ISF Rulebook 2014-2017
  • GLSML Standing Orders & Regulations Governing Play
    This document outlines the league’s additional rules and includes some exceptions to the ISF Rulebook.
    Standing Orders & Regulations Governing Play
  • Softball Pitch Dimensions
    This document serves as a guide for correctly laying out a softball field.
    Softball Pitch Dimensions
  • Rules Help Sheets v1.1
    The Rules Help Sheets are intended as a quick-reference guide to some of the more common rules. It includes look-up references to the full rule.
    Rules Help Sheets
  • ASA Non-Approved Bat List
    This list – created and updated by the American Softball Association – specifies a number of bats which are NOT legal for use, despite having the correct stamp on the barrel.
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  • GLSML Constitution
    The Constitution of the Greater London Softball Mixed League.
    GLSML Constitution