Information for Players – GLSML 2018 Season

Dear Players,

The 2018 season is almost upon us. Fixtures have been published on our BSF page, so please check with your captain if you don’t know how to find your fixtures. Using the BSF page, you can add your fixtures to an online calendar for ease of access. Every player should be registered on the GLSML BSF page, and so should receive updates. Remember that GLSML games start at 6.45pm, so make sure you are there nice and prompt.

This season we have a new Code of Conduct that our teams and members should adhere to, focussing on our Key Values of Respect, Inclusion, Fairness and Safety. This can be found on Page 18 of the Standing Orders document at

2018 Standing Orders Published

Please also familiarise yourself with Section 7 of the Standing Orders, regarding Rostering Rules. Remember that you may only ring in divisions above your own. The exception to this is in Minors 3 and 4, where players may play across both divisions. For instance a Minors 3 player may ring for any Minors 3 or 4 team.

Remember that an individual may only ring for another team a maximum of 3 times over the course of the season.

For up to date news don’t forget to check out the GLSML facebook page – and the GLSML twitter handle –