Below is a selection of documents that are useful for GLSML teams, players, and umpires. If you think there is something that is missing from the document list, or there is something you would like adding, please get in touch by completing the contact form.

Official documents:

  • GLSML Standing Orders & Regulations Governing Play
    This document outlines the league's additional rules and includes some exceptions to the WBSC Rulebook.
    format pdf
    size 724kb
  • WBSC Rulebook 2018–2021
    For the mostpart, the GLSML follows the WBSC Official Rules of Slowpitch Softball. There are a number of exceptions to this, outlined in the Regulations Governing Play.
    format pdf
    size 895kb
  • GLSML Inclusive Rules
    The BaseballSoftballUK Inclusive Softball Rules for co-ed slowpitch softball – making softball in Britain even more inclusive.
    format pdf
    size 190kb
  • GLSML Constitution
    The Constitution of the Greater London Softball Mixed League.
    format pdf
    size 93kb

Useful downloads:

  • Beginner's Guide to Softball
    A guide to the basics of the game.
    format pdf
    size 409kb
  • Rules Help Sheets
    The Rules Help Sheets are intended as a quick-reference guide to some of the more common rules. It includes look-up references to the full rule.
    format pdf
    size 246k
  • Softball Pitch Dimensions
    This document serves as a guide for correctly laying out a softball field.
    format pdf
    size 510k
  • ASA Non-Approved Bat List
    This list – created and updated by the American Softball Association – specifies a number of bats which are NOT legal for use, despite having the correct stamp on the barrel.
    format link
    size -